Advent and Christmas 2016

ADVENT – expectant waiting for “The Arrival”!

The humanitarian crisis of our times is the number of people across the world, who have become refugees. It would be wrong to think they ARE refugees; situations, events and circumstances have made them seek refuge from the horrible and evil events in their countries. They become refugees.

Join us in a journey to explore the lives of those who have become refugees, its impact on their lives and how they deal with it, and how their lives might help us better understand, events leading up to the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago.


  The Shock-Horror of becoming a Refugee

  Releasing Belonging

  The Loss of Individuality and the Search for Meaning

  The Desire for Inclusion

  “Silent Night – Holy Night”

  “It’s Done!”, “It’s Over!” – Lives are Transformed!

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