2018 is a year of transition for us. Transition means change, and change is always difficult. Journey with us as we prayerfully consider what God would have us do, to BE His Church here in Botley.

December  30  Membership has its Privilges

December  25  What happened on Christmas Day?

December  24  Christmas Eve - And how would YOU respond?

December  23  Advent 4 - Worship in Awestruck Praise
The Shepherds

December  16  Advent 3 - Obedience through Humility
Life of Joseph
December  09  Advent 2 - Worship in Innocence
Life of Mary

December  02  Advent 1 - Worship in Awesome Silence
The lives of Zechariah and Elisabeth 

November  25  Revd Dave Llewellyn, Regional Minister
Southern Counties' Baptist Association, on Hebews 12:1-3

November  18   Revd Hedley Feast (former Mininster)

November  11   "Blessed are the Peacemakers,
                           for they shall be called the "Children of God"
Message by Revd K. Das at Ao Baptist Church, Kohima, Nagaland
                             on 11 November, 2018

November   04  Revd Hedley Feast  (former Mininster)

October      28    NEHEMIAH 9 - "Effective Prayer" -
What moves the heart of God?

October      21    NEHEMIAH 8 - "Remember me, O God..."

October      14    NEHEMIAH 7 - Worship in the House of our God

October      07    NEHEMIAH 6 - The Word of God at Work

September 30    NEHEMIAH 5 - Spies, Lies and Surprises

September 23    NEHEMIAH 4 - Trouble from Within

September 16    NEHEMIAH 3 - Trouble from the Outside

September 09    NEHEMIAH 2 - Taking Risks in Prayer

September 02    NEHEMIAH 1 - Introduction: Burdened to Pray

           August  05   The Building Blocks of the Church - 8/8
The Body of Christ - Witnessing and Proclaiming  

July       15   The Building Blocks of the Church - 7/8
                          The Body of Christ - Giving and Receving

July        01  The building Blocks of the Church - 6/8
The Body of Christ - Membership and Belonging

June       24  The Building Blocks of the Church - 5/8
                     The Body of Christ - Fellowship

June       17  The Building Blocks of the Church - 4/8
How the Aposltes and Disciples prayed

June       10  The Building Blocks of the Church - 3/8
 What Jesus tagught us about prayer

June       03  The Building Blocks of the Church - 2/8
The Work of the Holy Spirit       

May         27  The Building Blocks of the Church - 1/8
Introducing the Holy Spirit 

May          20  When a Church builds a building...

May          13  Waiting: a waste of time or an investment in time?

May          06  Preparing for Pentecost

April         22  Forgiveness is at the Heart of Easter

April         15   So! What was Easter all about?

April          08  You Will Never Walk Alone (on the road to Emmaus)

April          01   Easter - Seeing is Believing. Fact or Fiction?

March       25   Do you worship Jesus as King?
                        (Palm Sunday)

March       18   God IS Love; therefore, we must love

March       11   Love in Action (Mothering Sunday)

March       04   Righteousness is Law-ful; Sin is Law-less-ness
                           (1 John 3:4-10)

February  25    The second of two dangers - beware the antichrists!

February  18    The first of two dangers - the world and its value systems
                          (1 John 2:15-17)

February  11    Walking in the Light (1 John 1:1 - 2:14)

February  04    Would you Trust an Old Man? Trust this Old Man

January   14     When a Church builds a building  ...  ALL Heaven rejoices!    

The Christmas story has not yet ended. See what sruprises it has in store for us before we dive into the new year

January   07     What God has planned, He will achieve

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